The developers are circling👹🦇🦇

Posted by Robyn - November 30, 2020

   There was a move last year to re-zone some Council land. A developer had contacted Council*, wanting  to buy *2 Loftus Crescent, an unassuming block of flats, social housing, near Homebush station. The developer-councillors, hereafter known as Libs, thought it was a good idea—-progress, etc,—-but the non-developer-councillors (call them Labs) said that council land should not be sold off. One councillor of variable persuasion voted with the Labs, and the motion was turned down.   (By the way, it is called "re-zoning". Then you can quietly sell it off.)

    You might think the decision was final, but no, the vultures have come back.....

    A person with the same surname as a local real estate agent is now owner of the tiny strip of land next door to 2 Loftus Crescent and he wants to amalgamate the two properties for a high-rise development. And high-rise is 80 metres lately, 27 stories. And the councillor who previously voted with the Labs has now become a real estate agent and declared his intention to vote with the Libs.   Two of the Libs are known developers and one councillor always votes with a Lib—-? Joined at the waist, or does that sound rude?——

  Battle lines are drawn up, and the Council meeting is tomorrow night, 6.30, Tuesday 1st December 2020.

Onlookers are still not allowed in, and they still cite COVID as the reason, although they allow people to throng to mosque in the Town Hall on Fridays.   One is supposed to be able to login and watch the meeting. There is supposed to be a Have Your Say slot on the Councils website.

   A lot is going on here, in the name of progress.  Big developers are trying to put up monster developments, and small-fry developers are trying to squeeze sardine tin units called boarding houses onto R2 residential land. Others are pushing in childcare centres—it seems you can make a fortune out of childcare, see it in the news. Someone wants to make the RSL memorial more compact.(Nice choice of words?🤣). And the Homebush Village is in for some sort of upgrade—let us hope they are not planning a Mall. But I fear the worst.

  Anyway, tune in to the Council meeting, because meeting minutes everywhere are always obscure and misleading.


  • None of this is official. Who says they are going to sell it off? Just re-zoning it. Who says a developer wants it?  Who says developers contact Council? 
    They just want to close a road near the RSL.  
  •  2 Loftus Crescent is just a daggy old place; its tenants might enjoy living in the high-rise which we havent said is going to replace it.