Storming the Bastille-Auspost in Chullora as a model of inefficiency.

Posted by Robyn - November 27, 2018


    Have been googling Auspost a lot lately, trying to trace a parcel which has been touring NSW. The adverse comments on the site should be singeing its ears; page after page of nasty remarks, some people almost lyrical in their condemnation. If so many parcels have been going astray from Chullora, somebody should be worrying about theft; is anyone doing checks?

   Well, my parcel arrived in Australia about 5th November, and was sent to the wrong address. After a week and three requests to forward it, Kooringal Post Office sent it back to Chullora, and it has disappeared,it seems, forever.

   So today I went to the big new depot in Chullora. Vast and beautiful. Two buildings plastered with signs saying Go Away and Get Out, and a security system which starts to keep you out at the front gate. However, I wandered in, through a lunchroom where someone told me that he wasn’t allowed to check where my parcel was, and wouldn’t be allowed to give it to me if he had it.  Out again through corridors lined with pictures of happy employees and slogans saying how much they loved helping customers. Into the next building, past a training room of people staring dully past me, to the administration room, where some people were standing behind other people gazing at computers. They all woke up when they saw me, asking how I got in, and would I get out.  It seems that place is top secret Pine Gap high security .  I have noticed that places of great incompetence always have high security, so the public cannot see what is (not) going on. Actually, they could replace all that high security business with a help desk and a couple of competent staff. Much cheaper, but too easy.

  I do like a challenge, and when they ordered me out I said I would leave the instant they located my parcel. Too simple. The lady supervisor instantly commanded her minion not to look for my parcel. A standoff. The supervisor repeatedly requested that I look her in the eyes, and whenever I did that, she told me to leave. The others in the room stopped staring at their computers and stared at me. Another supervisor appeared, who told me later that he had been 30 years at Ozpost and the internet complaints were mostly untrue. (Haha) . Three more  men in high-vis vests appeared, all suggesting that I leave. I think I was supposed to feel intimidated. There was talk of calling the police, although no police appeared.

  What happened finally was that the minion told me my parcel was heading back to Wagga, and I believed him. It was a lie, of course. That man will go far in Auspost; he is a strategist as well as a devious liar.

  But, why all this expensive security, and why won’t they just look for my parcel, and why is that room full of people staring at computers a high security area? If they put their security where the parcels are, there might not be so much trouble locating parcels. If they set up a decent Helpdesk, no one would want to enter their Intelligence (haha)headquarters.

  The previous CEO was  getting so much money that Malcolm Turnbull rang him up,to remonstrate, and he resigned. I wonder how much money his successor is getting.

  If there is this problem of parcels sitting for long periods at Chullora, or disappearing from Chullora, is anyone investigating it?

  The person at the Trace-my-parcel hotline in Melbourne suggested, delicately, that I contact the sender and try to get my money back. As if he knows something that I don’t know. I certainly don’t understand what is going on there, or not going on there.