in Coffs Harbour

Posted by Robyn - April 16, 2019

Rolling down Orlando, looking for a motel, and a police car came in behind us. 

"Have I done something wrong" asked Tony.

"You might have".

He didn’t have the Pajero’s registration papers with him (who carries registration papers in the car?), and the policeman said that the car’s rego was 2 months out of date.  He wanted to be kind, he could have had the car impounded, towed away, but he would allow Tony to drive to a motel, then to a garage for a pink slip, but otherwise we were grounded. There would also be a fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.

   We found a motel right near the beach, and everything would have been great for a swim, except that it had started to rain. We could have got a pink slip, except that it was Saturday afternoon, and there was even a kind guy who would have opened his garage and done us a pink slip, except that he was in Grafton. We booked to have it done at 8 am on Monday morning, which meant staying another night.  We cancelled our booking for the next night, and settled in Coffs. It was raining.

  It rained all day Sunday, but we amused ourselves with a big dinner at the Bowling Club, a Big Breakfast (Brekkie) at a nearby cafe, some telly, some intermittently-available internet, some reading, some drizzly stone collecting at the beach .( yellow stones, red ones, black, white,beautiful, smooth, pearly), and Tony dashed out at 8 am on Monday. He got the pink slip, arranged the insurance, and headed for the police station for the final phase...

   But the lady at the computer told him that the car was still registered, until January 2020, next year. !!!

  So someone goofed. What went wrong?

   The police rang Tony to say that he was registered as of 7.30am , Monday.  No idea what to think of that. Nothing had changed until the pink slip was done at about 8 am.

 A friend emailed that he had received no notification that his rego was due, and had been pulled up by police for having an unregistered vehicle. The old registration stickers were a nuisance, but they did remind one of the due date.

   The motel lady suggested we ask for compensation.

   I think we will complain, but I know the outcome. The police will hold an internal enquire and exonerate everyone concerned.

   It could be something wrong with the police computer, but they are unlikely to concede anything.

  In Wagga, about 15 years ago, a young man suffered a ruptured spleen and liver, broken ribs, and facial injuries due to his tripping over a sofa whilst resisting arrest. They hosed down the scene of the arrest before anything could be documented. An internal enquiry exonerated everyone concerned