Gender things

Posted by Robyn - June 22, 2019

    I saw “The Taming Of The Shrew" at the Dandy in Newtown today.  They have flipped the genders, so all the main male roles were played as women by women, and in a matriarchal society where women have all the power. I think you can diagnose sexual  harrassment by asking if it would be unsuitable for the victim to do it to the perpetrator, and this lively great production showed up a lot of stuff relevant to the "Me Too" discussions. And was thoroughly enjoyable as well.

     I once had a boss who decided to call me "Poggers ". When I asked him to desist he was surprised at my gall, my effrontery, and said he meant it kindly. So I said I would call him "Frankofooffle" - his name was Frank)- and say I  meant  it kindly, to which he said "You will NOT". There was an ambulance lady/girl called Tracy whom I had found weeping in the change room because he was calling her "Cyclone". His emotional age was somewhere pre adolescent, but he was given an OAM or some such for services to Anaesthetics, so someone must have appreciated him besides himself. Anyway, that was to all effects the end of my job. 

    At a Presbyterian Church service in the 80’s, The young minister gave a sermon starting with the message "Women, obey your husbands;slaves, obey your master". He was all for it, and spoke of annoying women, screaming sisters—presumably he had been trained in this thinking by the Training College. So, as we filed out, a friend and I told him we could not agree with his thoughts in that sermon. Smiling , happy, he whipped out from his inner breast pocket a cassette tape he had made, for us to listen to, and be converted. It was just awful to listen to those regressive ideas, from a leader of his flock, in the 20th Century. 

    I have always been interested in feminist issues, but, I fear, I have mostly let the cause down.