Council capers

Council capers

Posted by Robyn - March 5, 2019

     At last months council meeting Cr A proposed as a matter of urgency that Cr B be kicked out of council because,as everyone knows, ( you can find it in Google) he has his fingers in many pies, and was kicked out of another council after some strange activity came to light. The Mayor, The Chair, tried to shout Cr A down, then left the meeting. It seems a meeting is not a meeting if the Chairperson leaves the room. Then the Mayor came back after one minute, declared the matter of urgency not to be valid as it was not urgent, and closed the meeting. We went home.  The minutes  of that meeting record the incident as Cr A having indicated that he had a matter of urgency to discuss, and the Mayor declaring that it was not a matter of urgency.  No mention of the nature of the item.

    Tonight there was a discussion about what can be considered urgent. Life or death, the Mayor says. I understand that the only way to raise a matter which may not please the Mayor is to call it a matter of urgency. Otherwise he can refuse to have it on the agenda. So he has redefined "urgency" and thus stopped any wildfire debate. 

  Cr A proposed tonight that there should be better disclosure of all interested parties in the matter of new developments. Cr B thought it was a bad idea,as it  would make the process too complicated. It seems that as things stand, Council need only know the names of the builder and the previous owner. I think it would help to know who is holding hands with whom, and the other councillors seemed to be of that that idea was approved.

 Then they discussed the upcoming National General Assembly Of Local Government, to be held in Canberra. They are all thinking of going. Cr A suggested that there should be a restitution of costs if a delegate does not attend the entire conference. Cr C suggested that Cr B had not attended all of last years conference, and he responded that he had been there all the time.

   A new Code of Conduct for Councils has been drafted, to be adopted by Council. Never a bad idea, but it is 98 pages long . I skimmed through it , but must read it again. 

   Cr D asked to propose something as a Matter of Urgency, I but was knocked back. Slapped down. Not urgent. The Mayor is onto a good thing with this new definition of urgency. In the discussion (argument)which followed, I forgot what the matter was. Meeting closed, and we all went home again.