Blocked dishwasher

Posted by Robyn - November 28, 2020

     This has happened before, despite my careful inspection of everything I put into the dishwasher. So I checked and cleaned the filter and the valve before consulting the Miele pamphlet, which advised me to clean the filter and the valve. I was not enthusiastic about contacting Miele, because they once advised me about a dirty inner oven door by offering me a free lesson in how to take apart my oven door if I would like to go to Frenchs Forest. Also they once addressed my stove-top problem by advising me first-off about the cost of a visit. So, I turned to Google and found an excellent Youtube demonstration by Dan The Handyman, who has a beard and an accent which seemed German and made me think of Peter Sellars. Thus does everything seem sorted out and the dishwasher seems to be running beautifully.  
     The fault seemed to lie with a little pink plastic moustache which children affix to their drink-glasses for identification purposes.  It was hanging like a flapvalve across the y-junction of the outlet tube with the drain.  And there was lots of other gunk, even though I had done a special dishwasher clean the previous week.  And that makes me feel that these special dishwasher cleaners might be a waste of money.

   And there was another thing—perhaps the real problem—at the Y junction a hole had been bored into the pipe, and the circular piece of plastic was still hanging inside the cavity. Whoever bored the hole had not checked to get the disc of plastic out.  Wherever there had been pipe cut the edges were hanging loose—had never been cleared free.

   The people who did my plumbing would have won medals for brainlessness. The plumber who took on the job was affable, seemed to be very capable, but he left the job to two young men, who had confidence, but nothing else going for them.  The plumber had given them their chance, they both told me, because they both came from a disadvantaged background——-but you can sometimes see just why some people dont get on in life——nowadays it is called disavantage, but my mothers words would have been "just plain useless".

    These two young men put the bath in back to front, and I didnt see it till later as they covered the bath when the other tradies came in. They also caused flooding in the upstairs bathroom and solved the problem by drilling holes into the floor, flooding through the dining room ceiling. Went for smoko till the water had gone.  They decided to solve the problem of getting the old bath downstairs by cutting it in two with an acetylene torch, but I caught that one in time.   Many tradesmen nowadays are not bothering to supervise their apprentices—there should be more regulation.   It should not be the responsibility of the client to check for unsatisfactory work.    I always try first every DIY fix I can think of ; somethings with hilarious results; but I have extreme trust issues with tradesmen.

   Anyway, I heartily recommend Dan The Handyman.