Being tolerant

Posted by Robyn - January 29, 2020

    We are so hectored and lectured about tolerating and loving those others who give us our vibrant multicultural  status and blah blah blah, but I would like them to get hectored and lectured to be loving to us and to each other .We have to absorb and appreciate their values, but do they absorb and appreciate ours?

   A young Egyptian doctor  once explained to me that a man is the head of his family , and the wife is the heart of the family, and therefore the man makes all the important decisions and the woman must support his decisions. I watched carefully for signs that he was pulling my leg——but he wasn’t. And too much of this ideology will pull us backwards into the pre-feminist mire.

  Margaret Atwood says that her book "The Handmaid’s Tale" contains no atrocity that hasn’t already been performed in this world, and recently. She  did research. Watch the interview on SBS On Demand. I hadn’t realised that she is very active about political matters.

Anyway, I remember an Egyptian Christian complaining to me about our government bringing in what he called "Muslim rubbish". The Lebanese electricians doing my renovations went out of their way to be rude to the Vietnamese plasterers, even to the extent of destroying their work.(I had to pay to have the plasterers repair the electricians damaged bits.) I wonder if it will come to pass that those from the Arab regions will fight it out with Asians for supremacy in Australia. I think I would rather be dominated and ruled by Asians—they are already running the health service and government departments, and very efficiently too, I would say.

    If China decides to take us over, will there, could there be resistance from the Australian born Chinese?(ABC’s). That would be all right. They could run the country without being Communist. Would they be nice to me, an ancient whitey? They would probably leave me alone. Read the new book "Bruny" by Australian author Heather Rose. It is scary. Chinese influence, terrorism, corrupt politicians,climate change,  all very relevant to today’s problems, although she left out bushfires.

    At a recent Council meeting special time, like about 15 minutes, was given to a leader of the Indian Community who explained to us the importance of the feast day Holi. Then about another 15 minutes for a speech by a Lebanese woman about the bloodshed in Lebanon. Both worthy subjects in their way, but at a Council meeting? They only let me have 5 minutes when I want to rant about something, and no-one from Council stands to thank me formally for my words.   Council gave $4,000 to the local Maronite Church for their annual Christmas party. The Councillor who objected was accused of being racist. And that sort-of brings me back to where I started. We poor skin-cancered  whiteys are expected not to be racist, but I suspect that the races go on being as racist as they like. Especially looking after their own race.

   I do feel that if we were all left to our own devices we would just grumble on a bit and get used to living multi-racially.

  The developers are going gangbusters in Homebush. An eight storey building is getting to completion on the old RSL site, and it makes all our little houses look daggy. Two 26-storey blocks are going up on the Northern side of the railway line, that is 1000 extra people in each building. That is 300-500 extra children for the local schools, more heat-island effect, more waste disposal problems