Birthday 75 ugh [ Autosave ]

Posted by Robyn - November 14, 2018

That photo is definitely too big. And I am not young enough.

For a really fun birthday, you have to get some small children involved.  So the grandchildren came over, and set to work making special crowns. Mine was the tallest. We wore them for most of the day. Then I was presented with many carefully written letters of congratulation, and some  with the simple message"$100". Those will help with the mortgage.

 I had two birthday cakes, one a rhubarb/schmand/pastry/mango glazed affair , which went very quickly, and another richly decorated with Smarties and marshmallows, which lasted a few minutes longer. There was a birthday breakfast , lunch ,and tea.

    The roof leaks every time my daughter visits, and the assessor had told me that it needed some serious love, for $11,400. He got 4 sturdy young men to do the loving for several days around my birthday, and they entertained us one and all. Nothing beats watching men on a roof for entertainment. In the guttering they found a nest with 4 bright blue eggs, and set it into the magnolia tree. The old drainpipe was brought down and found to be choked for the top half metre with high quality compost. (should the last two people who cleaned my gutters have noticed that? I think yes.). The new drainpipe has 4 gentle curves instead of right hand bends. I hope that helps. But I think drainpipes should have a removable/replaceable section, to allow passage of a hose.  I shall invent it, and make a fortune.that is Vinnie, face covered in chocolate. He sings like an angel.

i have a lot to learn here. Now. Working on it. Cheers, Robyn.